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By poloboys · November 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I've moved to www.drugsarefriends.blogspot.com :) !

no longer posting in poloboys, sorry for the trouble!


:), see you there!

Love me please, jesus.

By poloboys · November 6, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I just came back from work. Okay, not just. quite sometime already. like 2-3 hours?
Look @ the time now ):, 5.38am!!!!! i reached home at around maybe 2 going 3am? my parents are still awake when i came back home.

now, only left me and my bro, staring at the computer screen happily. haha, actually i got nothing to do with the computer already.
facebook-ed, blog-hopped and everything that i always do when i come online. but i don't feel sleepy, like cham liao lor.

quit complaining about your complexion lah , lingko. you don't want sleep early de whatz, what to do.

work today was hectic, ran here and there but not as my partners. they're really responsible peepz and they don't bear grudges partnering such a noob like me. thankyou thankyou. we were all wondering why we'll be so busy as both of them are pros already. came to a conclusion : Guests are seriously fucked up.

You know, i was refilling drinks for this particular table. I was refilling a little girl's drink, it's coke. pretty sure of it. she's around 11 years old, so definetely not red wine right (red wine and coke seems alil similiar) then her brother aged around maybe 10 or 11 or 12 years old? yeah, i was refilling his sister drink and he raised his voice at me : " EH, IT'S RED WINE LEH. " so i was like : " Huh, red wine lai de ? " and he laughed at me like i'm born to be laughed by him. Followed by his table, all bloody hell laughed at me. I was fucking pissed off, FUCKING. sorry but i know i'm being petty but is it fun to make fun or someone, who just work??????

so i started to give that table bloody fuck face. the adults there are seriously unreasonable also. they like never drink red wine in their entire life or they are simply too cheapo -.- . kept asking for red wine and drinking them like drinking plain water. so they called me over and this was our conversation.

<span style="background-color: #ccffcc;">Man: " Eh, bring me the whole bottle of red wine and leave it on the saucer (saucer is like a spinning wheel thingy on his table, so he wants me to leave the whole bottle of red wine there, just for his table -.- . )

Me: " sorry, but we can't leave the whole bottle here.. Mind telling me how many glasses you want? I can get it for you. "

Man : " Not enough lah! Put it here lah! Not enough if you give us in glasses one lah! "

Me: " sorry but the red wine is for other tables too. I'll be coming over to refill your red wine as and when i can so don't worry yeah? "

Man: " get me the red wine lah, don't talk so much. "

Me : *show face liao* " Sorry, seriously cannot leh. Sorry sorry. "

Man : * Look at me with astonishing face *

Me : " so how many glasses do you want, sir ? "

Man: " 4....."
FUCK ANOT, it's somehow like that lah the conversation. I mean, so selfish! want the bloody whole bottle for yourself?!?!


Homing case was more fucked up than mine. He was oblonging the rubbish into the kitchen ( it's really heavy) and the bloody man complained to the vip table or something, about the red wine incident.

so the vip guest which is a old uncle, approached homing and asked homing to fill the glasses up ( it's pretty full that time lor. like normal quantity for red wine) , then okay. homing did what he said and then went back to oblong the rubbish in, then the old uncle came and demand for something again. it went on for like 4-5 times till homing dulan, tell the old uncle let him go him put the rubbish 1st. then the bloody hell vip old uncle whole day keep turn and observe(should i use the word stare)  our side station/tables. fuck bo -.- .

really pissed siah. it continued throughout the whole function. it was tiring the 3 of us out, TOTALLY. but happy still, cause something great happened to me today! hehe :) , thankyou for makin' me happy :D.

after that, OT-ed helped lin jie and ate alil here and there. slacked awhile in the office and billy was so cute to invent a game! haha! wee hao also one funny one, keep disiao with the black tape. Lol! talked alil here and there.

Okay, here i am done with my rantings!

i always think alot, i like to think. I like to think why people do this , do that.
But please don't take me as a kid, i know how to think. And i have to learn how to think.

16 years old ain't really young..

I love sharmaine!

By poloboys · November 5, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

woke up at 12pm today. or 12.15pm, i can't rmb.
and i got a call from julian just like 30 secs i woke up.

the nicey me is so nicey to talk to him and prepare the same time. Nicey me. haha!!!!!
so yeah, met sharmaine and we went to have pizza hut <3. ma luv! It's so delicious.
Aftermath she went for her haircut alone as julian came to meet us.

so julian and i walked around and he bought his briefs. Lmao, he kept talkin' about it even when we're in the guy's brief's department already. but at last he also ask me go walk 1st lah. shy mah. hahahaha.
after that, accompanied him for lunch and shar sissy was back by then. Her hair had no changes. lol. okay la, your fringe la!

Julian went off 1st and we were like : " what to do. " wanted to watched jennifer's body but blame it on my age. It sucks being' just 15. Like, nothing can be done. Fugxks. i need to grow up, but i don't want so many problems.

sticked on with our usual plan, starbucks. Packed with people, went shopping instead. shar sissy shopped big time. Shoes and bags. Okay, heels and bag. She didn't get the bag at last because her bank left with just $5. lol -.- , this girl ah. shop until so hiong one sia......

went back to starbucks and got a shitty seat -.- , found one but one shitty student took the table away just because he wanted a bigger table for himself. Selfish? yes!!!! angryzx. we got a better seat at the end. sofa one. somemore its like 3 seater? cool much. chatted almost everything, it's amazing that girls can actually chat for so long. we didn't gossip about people, just talking about' i also don't know what, we can chat alot of things lah!

Julian called and threatened me to go home by 10pm -.- and we sort of quarrelled. Lol, at last i went home @ 12++am. hahahahahaha! so yeah, ate macs for dinner , super crazy. eatin' macs like almost everyday. But well, mac wings are really delicious! Love it much :D! chatted somemore, hahahha. and off we went home. shar sissy walked home with me <3 but we stayed under my block and went on with our chattin' till about 12.38am. gum gum ho, her bus came and she ran , chasing the bus. hahaha!

here i am now. Really happy today :) , i'm very happy to have friends like sharmaine sissy. Who always listens to me and gives me advices. rather than lookin' down on me or tellin' me i'm so lame to feel sad or something. more chillin' at starbucks kay! I love you much! :D . hehe!

i have pictures but not today. maybe in my blogger bah. uploading picture here kills. alright bye.

(I just need 1 more day of shoppin' will do. Anyone free for me next week? i'll out like crazy next week! Yay! )


I dont want to feel sad pl0xxxxxx.

By poloboys · November 4, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

woke up at 2pm today, and i am happy because i don't feel hungry.
i think i'll be the most pathetic person in the world if i'm feeling sad + hungry at the same time.
i know alot people hates seeing emo people but well, i'm really emo this time. haha. Make it known to the world.

I think i'll be moving back to blogger soon. because i totally hate uploading pictures into onsugar. Such a hindrance xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx................
please don't kill me, esp sharmaine sissy! Don't kill me for changing my link agn. hahahaha.

Will be heading out tmrw with sharmaine sissy, happy one :) . gna chill at starbucks! I think thats my 2nd favourite activity. My favouritest (Is there such word) is picnic. I luv picnic alot alot alot alot alot :) . 2nd should be chillin' at starbucks. bahhahaa :) !

gna go out next week toooo :D, with lovelie nutnut and my boyfriends clique (Please help me carry my bag) . haha, they're supposingly cursing me upside down right now. I need/want/must meet my beh, precious and girlfriend up as well. Mizz em' like crazy ): . Gna contact them soon and book em' out! bahaha!

I don't sound emo right. But i am emo. So please come and console me. HAHAHAHA. i'm not telling you why i'm emo because its very embarrassing. so yeah, chuck it. I need to go shoppin', but i just promised my mommy and sister i'll stop shopping for 1 month. gosh. why did i made that pact -.-................

I wanna bring my new bag out tmr! it looks so cute to me! hehe, shall snap tmr! Shar sissy, can't wait to see you.

many many many loves :) !

please take my heart away, so i won't feel sad when i see/hear/know anything that will make me sad.
Standstrong lingko, you're so vulnerable. fuck you.

I'm going to be like un-hyped for how many days.....

By poloboys · November 3, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I went out today.... to bugis with my sister. 

we planned to leave house @ 1pm, and she claims that she definetely can wake me up @ 12pm tmrw. 

so i didn't set any alarm to wake me up and guess what? that idiot woke up at 12.40pm, panicking and screaming her head off at me. 

i was still in my dreamland when she's screaming at me. like what thezzzz, the minute you wake up and someone screaming at you. Pissed off. 

so i asked her : " you dulan simi ? " 

she : " I wake up @ 1240pm! you la! don't want wake up yourself! "

me : " is you say you can wake me up de leh. plus you comfirm + chop stamp de lor. guarantee liao leh. "

she : " faster la! you very slow one leh. " 


i took only 1 hour to prepare, including makeup , pack my bag. yeah. 1 hour is enough for me. 

whereas that princess takes around 2 hours. end up, also is i wait for her =.= . 

had subway today <3. cause we saw the advertisement ytd and it was tempting us like crazy. so we decided to have subway.

wanted to take pictures, brought my cammy out but i was simply too lazy to take it out and snap snap snap. 

when to bugis after that to shop and i got myself a hello kitty purse (its so cuteee!) , a pink glossy ribbon bag (I love it like crazy crazy crazy), a top and a denim skirt (finally one denim skirt!!!!) i have more to buy but i really can't bring myself to spend the money so forget it. 

hahahaha, shopped and eat. now and then i kept thinking of something that really makes my heart goes very down. I don't like how it feels. This have nothing to do if i'm the youngest and the most pampered at home. because it doesn't take in any thing that has to do with my age or whatever. argh, hate it big time big big big time.

dinner @ some restaurant, super lousy lah the service. shit shit shit. 

somethings that made me happy : I saw many hunks, hahaha. they're so hawt. 

i got approached for modelling (The same co.) and i know my mom won't allow me so i rejected their offer. fuxk ): .

i got approached for being a hair stylist's model. TOTALLY NO CAN. i will never let anyone cut my hair. but the hair stylist look really pro. He's willing to pay me. but i don't want. so he said i can go find him when i want to cut my hair. He'll give me either free if i am willing to help him out or he'll charge me half-price. like who knows if he is serious about it. but i seriously hope he is serious about it. HAHAHAHAHA. can i cut fringe only. HAHAHAHA.

i saw NONO (the taiwan actor). and i think not only me see him lah. like everyone was pointing at him lor. don't know why he is in singapore but my sister said he must be real happy cause like everyone recognised him and yada yada , he's famous. hahahaha. 

okay , other than that i'm not happy because some tiny weeny thing is bother me now. I know its better if you know nothing about it as curiousity kills the cat but i am so kpo that i went to find out more about it and now i'm fucking sad. hahaha, good game. continue being sad rinko, i don't know what to do to make myself feel better. 


I want to see blood. I dont want to slit myself, thats so fucking lame. LAME. bt i want to see blood. hahahaha. physco maniac!


BYE, get me blood. 


pix spasm,

By poloboys · November 2, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Helllooooooooooooooooooooo :) !

Been working working and more working. fun fun fun =) ! haha, money rolled in but rolled out too ): . 
becus of extensive shopping. Bro kept irritates me with : "Thought you wanna get your laptop by the end of this year? At this rate you're spending your money, don't think can get le lo.... "  make me sad only. 

Forget it! I'm going for more shopping this week :)! hap-hap-hap-piiiiiiiiiiiiii ! actually i have nothing much to say. hahahaha. 

ORIGHT, pictures i've in my phone <3 (super old-school sign sia "<3") 
taken on friday if i'm not wrong. Was waiting for em' to finish up the beer. hahahaha. soooo funnyyyy y'know :D !

there's video but it's with xuanwei, gna wait till she upload thn i ripped from her blog. Hahaha!

(PLEASE IGNORE MY FAT FACE ): . okay, why not you  guys/girls tell me ways of slimming down yr face....... haha, thanks!)

oright, done with all. Omg, onsugar is such a hindrance ): , easier to upload with blogger. 
Neverminddddd, alright. byebye! i go watch my drama le! 

I thank for everything i've now =) .
Such a lucky girl ...

Hi .....

By poloboys · October 30, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

hiiii, imma still @ my work place.
waiting for them to finish up the beer. Hahaha! asri is so funny! he just danced infront of us :D .
xuanwei video-ed it down. bahahahahaha :D!

alright, i go see here and here liao. byebye!


By poloboys · October 29, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


I got myself a imitation fred perry checkered blouse, a oxford shoes (my fav) for only $32 (I still got conned somehow-.-), a dress that i thought it looks unique (When i wore it , i look like dumpling and it's orbit ): ), and a mini skirt that i luv it much!

Oh, and a pair of earrings which i luv it veh much too.

I've got more things to buy!!! No money, thats it ): .

going to work later, BYE!

(who are you to judge me!?!? Im' not like you, don't have to work and just stretch your hand asking money from your mother. Learn to earn your own money before you kpkb -.- )

Happy endings.

By poloboys · October 28, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Hoiiiii !!! I'm back home from work! Miracously, i don't feel tired o.o, slept for only 4 hours and i went to work.

Work today was great! 4 to 4 :) ! 4 people in charge of 4 tables. Super relaxing. Plus i'm working with pros. practically have nth to do lo, make me so guilty! Kept talking here and there. Chatty rinkee. Hahaha, shijie call me Lingling ! cause RINko sounds like RINGko so shijie wanna make it LINGLING. cause it sounds more auntie! haha, so cute right she.

Happy girl me :), long way to go tmrw. Sigh, hair's still wet. shall go blogshop 1st ^^, hehe!!!

我们都一样 :),

You know, I know. Put on an act.

By poloboys · October 27, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Hiiiiiii peepo!

Initially, i was throwing tantrums AGAIN (im' like throwing them everyday) because my dad took away my instant noodle (instant noodle are my lifesaviour) and asked me to wait for dinner, don't eat anything because i get full very very easily..

So i started to ask him if i can have oreo (My mom bought a box back) and he said no. i was so hungry yet i can't have anything. there goes rinko's volcano. Vulglar sprouting out her mouth, went back into my room and pout like a mad girl. Hahahaha. when momsie's back, complaint & whine & throw tantrums @ her. Finally, daddy and mommy both gave in and start dinner earlier than usual! happy girl me! :) .

Brother was thinking like, " are you crazy , having dinner @ 6pm ?!?! " but i was too hungry to wait till the actual timing 8pm+++. hehe. A hungry person is a angry person. I believe nutty knows it the best right! HAHAHAHA, i always tell her im' pissed off when we're out and im' hungry. Hahaha!

Im' hungry again, I miss my instant porridge but it went OOS in my kitchen cabinet already. And my fav instant noodle also went OOS. so now im' only left with 2 choice of instant noodle. Don't like both of em'): , chicken and another one is some seasame oil. eww ): , i want my ayam laksa!!!!!

Okay , I have no choice but to cook the chicken one then! Byebye!!!!!!

Oh btw, I spent a bomb on online shopping just now ): , *cries* But i have really no more clothes to wear as my mom kept digging out clothes from my closet and stuffing it into plastic bags cause she claims that i can't wear it anymore so might as well pass it to my cousin (I don't like my that cousin @ all ): , she don't treasure my clothes!) But i have no choice because she's my mom and i don't want to start off a war. Tsk, but i did try to show my unhappiness by telling my mom to give MY EVERYTHING to my cousin. Etc: my books, my friends, my boyfriend(If i were to have any), my name & most important one : " Ask her go to school for me, help me take my results also lah. Make it a package. " Hhahahahaha. Well, my mom hecks care me ): , pouts. So when my online loots arrive at my doorstep, if she scream @ me, Im' going to tell her this : " You give all my clothes away! Im' left with those ugly ones ):!!!!!! "




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